Meet The Fisherman

An East Neuk-based fisherman for 30 years and experienced seafood specialist, Jim Knox is a local man whose entire lifestyle is inextricably linked to sea.

Whether he's out fishing,  preparing delicious seafood, beachcombing on stormy days or giving bespoke demonstrations, Jim brings his passion for the north sea and the east neuk coastline to everything he does.

Ruggedly dressed in his signature yellow wellies - and with essential tools of the trade - fisherman and shellfish expert Jim Knox brings you engaging stories of sea fishing, catching in creels, seasonality, sustainability and down-to-earth insights on the ever-changing local fishing industry.

Most importantly, Jim will demonstrate how to get the sweetest meat from your shellfish and share the secrets of a beautifully dressed crab!  Jim's approach is refreshing, honest and entertaining - perfect ingredients for an inspirational Scottish seafood experience.

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